June 18, 2010

emily_cleaverI am a freelance writer who specialises in writing about books and the arts. I have been, at various times, the Online Editor of a literary magazine, the manager of a dusty second-hand bookshop and a television researcher, and in one or another of those jobs have  sourced a delivery of live body lice, interviewed Sarah Waters and Alison Moore and refereed London’s most aggressive sale.

Non-Fiction & Copywriting
A non-fiction book I co-authored, More To Life Than Shoes, was published by Hay House Ltd. in 2011. I have had writing published in several magazines, including Cosmo. I specialise in writing about  literature and the arts, and have had articles and reviews published by the Guardian Books Blog and Mslexia, and was Online Editor for the magazine Litro in 2013.

I am passionate about short stories and write, read and review them. My own stories have been published in the London Lies anthology from Arachne Press, Paraxis, .Cent, The Mechanics’ Institute Review, One Eye Grey, and Smoke magazines, performed to audiences at Liars League, Stand Up Tragedy, WritLOUD, Tales of the Decongested and Spark London and broadcasted on Resonance FM and Pagan Radio.

You can read my tiny true dramas about working in a secondhand bookshop at

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